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Get rid of that annoying timeline with this safe application

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It seems like every time Facebook users turn around, there are changes being made to their profile page. One of the changes most unpopular was the Timeline change. Luckily, users can use Timeline Remove Chrome software to get back their original profile page. Learn more below.

What is the Timeline?

When you log onto your Facebook page, the first page you come to is the Timeline. One of the most recent changes Facebook has made to FB user interface is to the user’s timeline. The recent changes involve listing everything on the user’s main page in chronological order. While it may make the page more organized, many prefer to have their posting as they are posted. The new timeline also allows you to put a profile picture and a background (cover) picture. If you are one of the many who are not thrilled with the new changes, you can quickly and easily get rid of it and go back to the classic page by using Timeline Remove Chrome.

How Does Timeline Remove Chrome Work?

Although Timeline Remove is referred to as a type of software, it is actually an extension for Google Chrome, the popular Web browser developed by Google. Although you may use any Web you choose, you must be using Google Chrome for the Timeline Remove to work. You will be amazed at how easy it is to install Timeline Remove and how easy it is to get back your original Facebook page.

Once you are logged into your Google Chrome page, the first thing you do is download the Timeline Remove file, which is very easy. You will want to click on the wrench on the upper right of your Chrome window. Click on Tools and then Extensions and go to the bottom of the page and click on Get More Extensions.

Look for Timeline Remove and click Install. Once downloaded, you will notice an icon on the top right corner of your address bar. With this icon present on your address bar, you have the choice of changing back to the new timeline, the classic and back again. All you will need to do is disable or enable the extension. It is simple and easy with no need to restart your browser.

Pros of Timeline Remove Chrome

  • Easy to use
  • Effective almost instantly
  • Easy to change back
  • Free
  • Gets rid of your view of Timeline
  • No additional toolbar attached

Cons of Timeline Remove Chrome

  • Changes to timeline are only visible to you
  • Only works on profiles but not on other pages
  • Friends must have extension to see classic view
  • Not compatible with FireFox
  • Cannot use on a Mac

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